I have had headaches/neck pain since my mid teens. I tried everything from pain meds to yoga. Some of it helped temporarily but the headaches always returned. One day, after suffering from 5 migraines in less than a week, I decided to see a chiropractor. I was at my wits end and near tears in pain. After 3 visits I felt remarkably better, but was skeptical that it would work long-term. I worked hard, followed the schedule for recovery and am thrilled to say that 1 1/2 years later I still feel like a new person. I go in once a month for some maintenance and feel great the majority of the time. I never thought my headaches would go away, I thought they were just part of who I was. They are not me anymore.

Sarah, Salt Lake City

My daughter, 13 months old at the time, had been having chronic ear infections. Dr. Conger adjusted her, popped her ears, and immediately her fever dropped and she perked right up! I have also seen him for 20 years and had exceptional care every time.

Tali Hall

I had constant kidney infections for eight months and had pretty much been out of work for three because my body was under so much stress and my heart wasn't working correctly anymore. I even ended up donig two weeks of IV therapy. The doctor had given up on finding why my kidney wouldn't get better when mom told me I should try a chiropractor. I didn't think anybody could help me and that I'd end up losing the kidney that wouldn't get better.

I decided this was my last hope and came in. Over the nerve that went to my kidney, the x-rays showed the vertebrae to be slightly out, possibly pinching it. The day I first came to get adjusted, I made the appointment early so I could go home and take a pain killer. After I left, I didn't even have to take an ibuprofen, I felt so much better!

Within a week, I was back at work. It's been a couple of months and, for the most part, my kidney isn't bothering me. I've only had one infection since. I have my life back now. I'm no longer saying no to doing things because I'm too sick. I've even been able to exercise again!

Annalynne Seeley, Salt Lake City, UT

I consider myself a fairly active person and love to be outdoors enjoying life. My activities got gradually more limited as my sciatic nerve was getting pinched. I was looking at any and all routes of treatment as my mobility was decreasing each day because of the pain. I chose the chiropractic route because it made more sense to treat the cause of the problem rather than cover it up with painkillers. After an intense bout of treatments and adjustments, Dr. Conger helped me get back to the way I was. Thanks Dr. Conger for giving me my mobility back!

Jason, West Valley City, UT

Conger Chiropractic has made a tremendous difference in my life. As a result of the excellent care I received through their wellness program, my pain level has decreased dramatically and I have more energy to accomplish the important things in life. Additionally, I haven't had to visit medical doctors nearly as often as I have in the past. The staff is friendly and the doctors of chiropractic are genuinely concerned about me as a patient. I would highly recommend Conger Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a better way to live a more fulfilling life.


Conger Chiropractic is a great place to get your back pains fixed!

Neil Ransom, Salt Lake City, UT